238ml (8oz) fast finish decoupage beacon glue

Product Code: fastfinish
Price: £14.99p
Available in
8oz bottle
Materials It Bonds
2 ply napkins, Cardboard, Ceramics, Glass, Magazine/Newspaper, Metal, Paper, Photos, Plastic, Terra Cotta, Tissue Paper, To: Wood
To Increase Product Effectiveness:
Apply FAST FINISH with a slightly damp bristle brush. (Avoid foam brushes as they create too many bubbles.)
For color copies of photos, “speed” brush to seal inks before decoupaging. Apply two drops to a brush and lightly brush over surface. Allow to dry and then decoupage as usual.
Apply extra coats for a glossier finish. Allow to dry between each coat.
Not suitable for handmade, mulberry, or thick scrapbook papers.
Dries fast
Dries Tack Free
Crystal Clear
Gloss Finish
Never Yellows
No strong or unpleasant odor
Acid Free

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